Looking back…

The holidays in my house have always been a time of hustle and bustle, festivities with family and friends, cold weather and warm hearts, and chatter and cheer!  Along with all the wonderful things that the holidays bring comes a welcome “calm after the storm”.  As December wraps up and begins to wind down I always look forward to the new year and what it may hold.  It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and I’ve always found it exciting to ponder what the future may hold for me and the “what’s to come?” that only a flip of the calendar and the promise of a new year can bring.  It is during this time…during that little bit of peace and quiet  just before we head back to work and back to our normal routines that we can not only look forward with excitement and anticipation at what the new year promises but also take a moment to look back.

Happy Hanukkah!

This week we have Hanukkah cupcakes available to help you celebrate the Festival of Lights! Give us a call to pre-order cupcakes adorned with Stars of David, snowflakes, and blue ornaments. We are also featuring traditional Rugelach bars – delicious pastries filled with apricot preserves, raisins, spices, and walnuts. 919.821.4223 Check out more of our…

We love LOVE!

Here at the shoppe, we have a little motto when it comes to weddings:

“Life is short…marry someone sweet!”

Fortunately for us, this translates to us working with the best, most sweetest couples in all the South! It is our honor to be a part of their dream day and to provide them with not only the most beautiful cake but also stellar customer service. Because weddings are such a large component of what we do at the shoppe, we love it when we hear positive feedback from happy couples.